River Eden April 5th 2015

Good friend Steven and his son Bill came to the Eden for a couple of days fishing for brown trout this week. Always good to see Steven, to meet Bill and enjoy some warmer weather at last.

001The water levels were still a little high for ideal conditions but Bill managed a fish to a nymph early on in the day.

006It was Bill’s first visit to the Eden, with the beautiful surroundings at lower Lazonby, a nice fish and casting nicely, no wonder there is a smile on his face!

7The second day at Eden Lacy.

8Some nice casting going on with the salmon rod also.

9A good trout on.

10The sport was sporadic due to the intermittent hatches, hard work but it is never impossible.

11It was soon Stevens turn for some action.

12A very good trout.

14Well worth all the perseverance, the sport was on the slow side, but great company and a very well deserved nice finish to the day, thank you both!