River Eden.

It has been an interesting, challenging, enjoyable and sometimes frustrating period on the river over the last few weeks. It is the first time in thirty odd years of fishing the Eden that we have not had the suitable conditions during the summer that allow for good night fishing for sea trout. Constant weather fronts through the county kept topping up river levels, with that came some colour in the water which was not ideal for fishing in the dark.  Yet there were plenty of sea trout around this year as there was last season, those fishing for them in the daytime did okay on the lower river.

EdMatt 005

The brown trout and grayling fishing through August and early September has either been very good or very poor at times, strangely nothing in between! It would be very nice if everyone that came to visit the river Eden caught fish and that is always my intention. It is frustrating during the poor times when you know there are fish in the pools and although anglers are doing everything they should be doing, the fish just do not respond positive to anything offered, a few snatchy takes at best. I would think that the water temperature fluctuations are unsettling the fish. But being on the water with the right conditions at the right time, the fishing has been excellent and we soon forget the slow days (that’s fishing).

Henry 017

Henry had a good day.

Marcus 023

Marcus on the middle river.

PeterAsh 016

Peter with a grayling.

Ashley 018

Ashley’s first time fly fishing.

Dermot 016


DavidBen 013


DavidBen 020

Ben’s first time out.

HelenaToby 014

We had a great day with Helena and Toby.


Christine, Mary and Patricia having a warm up before they went to fish the Spey.