Lowther Show, August 2016.

We always look forward to the Lowther Show in August each year, it is such a friendly atmosphere, a lot of friends we work with there and a lot of friends that visit over that weekend. The theme again this year was to get people (especially the young and women) into fly fishing for the first time and also to rekindle interest to get people back into fishing. After all, we are very lucky, Cumbria has some fantastic scenic fishing venues and fishing is the perfect excuse to get outdoors with friends and enjoy all that!

John Norris of Penrith who have sponsored the Fishing island for many years now were very generous once more donating the prizes for all the casting competitions. Without people like John Norris supporting and investing in our wonderful sport, generating fishing interest and encouraging our youth to have a go, these events would soon disappear.

This was adequately achieved through various angles, an accuracy competition for the junior element that was very well attended along with adults with over one hundred and thirty having a go.

Lowther16 011

There was some awesome casting from the junior section…

Lowther16 044

the competition was hot…

Lowther16 002

with some having never cast a line ever before, a pre-lesson with AAPGAI members on the casting clinic before doing so got some great results, with over seventy adults and juniors attending this.

Lowther16 020

Prizes were awarded after 4pm each day…

Lowther16 048

hopefully some stars in the making…

Lowther16 049

for the future of the sport, I have every hope!

The adult trout distance, Spey casting and accuracy disciplines also well subscribed..

Lowther16 053

Mike Ashwin and

Lowther16 050

Paul Davidson from REDFA presenting the prizes.

Lowther16 022

Lowther16 024

Lowther16 003

Brian Towers

In between the various competitions there were fly casting demonstrations on the hour every hour by Derek Kelly, Karl Humphries, Brian Towers, Clive Mitchelhill, Bert Schaaf from Germany, John Walker, Glyn Freeman and FFM UK to keep the audience entertained.

Lowther16 001

The Italian Fly Casters (Philip Bailey).

Lowther16 037

Paul Little fly dressing in the AAPGAI stand.

Lowther16 041

Clive Mitchelhill

Lowther16 030

Robert Swan (15)/Chris Bowman on pole fishing.

Lowther16 016

The fly Tying Company stand with Peter Bramwell fly dressing. Pete Bramwell also kindly donated a box of his own tied flies for the raffle which was much appreciated.

The Fisherman’s row was well populated with various retail, trust, clubs, associations, fly tiers and fisheries to name but a few. A really nice weekend, good weather and good to see old friends and make a few new one’s too!

A very big thank you to all that attended and a very big thanks to those who helped with the competitions, organisation and demonstrations –



Penrith Anglers 

Prince Albert Angling Society


Countryman Fairs