River Eden 25th February 2015

The unsettled weather is causing river levels to fluctuate making fishing at times difficult. When the water had been steady for a day or two the sport with grayling was very good.

Borderlines held a day at Warwick Hall last week for the Wigton Youth Station.

Wigton Youth Station 19.02.15. 007

Although the water was pushing on the Eden with the river Irthing coming in big and brown just downstream, there were over twenty grayling caught along with some decent brown trout.

Wigton Youth Station 19.02.15. 003

There were ten attendees, some for their first time fishing.

Wigton Youth Station 19.02.15. 002

There are many similar angling days planned for 2015 on various still waters and rivers throughout south west Scotland and Cumbria. The fully qualified team at Borderlines have been running youth days since 1998 and been a not-for-profit company since 2005, as always funding streams keep changing and it is difficult to do consistent work with people and schools that really need it.

Please do take some time to have a look at the Borderlines web site to see if there is anything anyone can help with as this work is so important not just for the well being of many people but the future of angling, related business and the environment.