River Eden, May 14th, 2016.

Had a very pleasant time on the middle river with Paul from Kidderminster today. The main intention was to fish for salmon as there are fish in the pools, but the water is getting a little thin that far up at present with the dry weather we have had (never thought i would be asking for rain so soon!). We did some Spey casting with the single handed rod to which Paul took to like a duck to water.

PaulH 003

Very thin water and bright light with a northerly wind.

PaulH 006

First run down the pool was quite productive…

PaulH 010

a few small trout and a few missed.

The afternoon was spent chucking the double hander around and a little more fishing, a bit of the overhead stuff and various other things. Did a quick kick sample and there are some serious inverts on the bottom, very impressed! Had a great day with Paul, real nice company to be with, I hope that you enjoyed your stay in Cumbria, thanks Paul.