River Eden, April 1st, 2016.

Had a lovely time on the lower river with Jeremy and Will who joined me for the day. The morning was dry and a good southerly breeze was keeping the air temperature on the low side. The river level was dropping in at one foot two inches and looking good.



Using a John Norris 14′ 6″ which worked very well!



It was their very first time salmon fishing, after some initial guidance both were Spey casting very nicely, I must say I was impressed!


Good company, good humour and plenty of coffee with some good casting in nice surroundings, isn’t that a big part of why we go fishing?


Although salmon were seen and it was the perfect water, they did not want to play today. Three very nice brown trout in great condition were caught, the biggest nudging just over two pounds. By late afternoon the rain came in heavy (too late to spoil things) and no doubt will put the levels up again the following day!