River Eden, March 20th, 2016.

Unfortunately for me so far this spring, I have not had the pleasure of getting on the river to do some fishing for myself just yet. With all the damage the severe floods have done since December, it has been a massive clean up operation to get the fishery back into some sort of shape. It has been a long and arduous task but very much worth it! We now have a blank canvas to work from and it will be very interesting to re-discover how the changed pools work and where the fish like to lie at different heights of water.

A few before and after pictures.






A lot of bank side trees that have been established for years laid flat and damaged…


and have to be taken out and replaced.

floods 009

Some big trees and hedgerows ripped out of the ground.


Order almost restored!


There have been quite a few changes to some of the pools, some for the better like this new gravel bar that has created a nice run in.