The gift that keeps on giving for Christmas!

Fishing is not for everyone, as is golf, shooting or any other “sport”. For those who have never tried this wonderful pursuit, probably have the impression that it is being sat on a wicker basket and watching a red float on a canal somewhere. Nothing wrong with that and many do coarse fish as I used to many moons ago.  Fly fishing for trout, grayling and salmon is a little different, more often that not you will find yourself up to the waist in waders on a flowing river among beautiful surroundings.


There is a certain skill set needed to be able to fly fish safely and effectively, but it is a skill that is easily learned with some guidance. Over the years I have taken many novices out for their very first time, most of whom are still fishing and have improved their craft.


Also there have been many anglers that were quite adequate at what they do and have taken it that step further and are now much happier with their fly fishing, I have enjoyed my time on the water with every single one of them.


Once the basics are mastered, there is nothing that cannot be achieved in due course. It will take you to some amazing places that you would have never dreamed of visiting, you will meet some very nice people and make new friends as I have over the years.


Gift vouchers given to members of family, work colleagues and friends can give people an experience they will never forget and also give them many benefits. To be out in the countryside in the fresh air, getting a bit of colour to your cheeks and next to moving water can be a great stress reliever for most. Add to that enjoying the art of fly fishing, sharing the experience with good company, observing the wildlife and hopefully a few fish, it can be very addictive. The day’s are tailor made to suit whatever your aspirations are and by mutual diary dates throughout the year, I can supply any equipment that is needed at no extra cost and there will be plenty of photos of the experience.


For more information, please visit – Gift vouchers thank you and Happy Christmas!