River Eden, 29th September 2015.

It has been a very busy and interesting month and with some great weather (if BBQ’S are your thing).


Lots of people came to visit the Midland Show at Weston Park mid month, at the Prince Albert Angling Society Fishing Village it was non-stop demonstrations and casting clinics. The event is growing year on year and is a very enjoyable show with plenty to see and do. AAPGAI members were there with Karl Humphries who organises the village, John Walker, Stuart ray and myself helping out with things. Borderlines had a stand there with Chris Bowman and were kept very busy all weekend.

The annual autumn residential salmon course on the river Tay last week at lower Kinnaird was great fun with a real nice group of friends, both during the day’s on the river and the evenings at the hotel. Always very nice to catch up with good friends and spend some quality time together and even meet some new ones.

t3Just three fish for the week with Mike Cooney being the successful angler and also one lost, but there certainly were plenty of salmon in all of the pools which was the main ingredient. There was great improvement with the Spey casting techniques especially from Tim who a complete novice and was soon covering fish.

t2There was some very nice Spey casting and fishing from all of the group.

t1Lower Kinnaird has some fine fly water on all the pools.

Mark Riley – Double Spey cast.

With the very low water conditions, at a time of  year when we need river levels to be higher for fish to travel, due to that the salmon fishing has suffered somewhat. It has been the same story on the majority of salmon rivers this autumn throughout the U.K and it does not matter how much you are paying for the privilege. There seems to be a few fish about this season, but they are not in the best of taking moods while the drought and warm temperatures persist.

Had a very nice day out on the river Eden with Dik last week.

aDik with a nice grayling.

We have on many occasions of late, turned to trout and grayling for sport with these low flows while the salmon remain uninterested.

b Some day’s that has paid dividends, other day’s not, but it has been fun all the same being out in nice surroundings and with nice people catching fish.

cHappy faces!

With the water so clear, very long leaders over sixteen feet have been the order of the day with small wets so not to spook fish.

1Out with Fred soaking up some scenery.

11Not ideal conditions but it is never impossible.

111Nice one Fred!

1111One of the trout Fred caught the day before.

So, unusual times, not the seasonal norm for weather, there is nothing anyone can do to change that, make the most of it, it’s fun having fun!