River Eden, August 14th 2015.

Low water with a slight peat colour persisted the first week of August. There are still salmon and grilse entering the Eden which is very encouraging, it has been a good season so far. With the water temperature only in the mid-50’s F the salmon are running straight through the lower beats. Normally at this time of year the water is a little warmer and the fish tend to hold up more in the lower river sections.
Hatches of fly life is somewhat sporadic with emergence happening at some very odd times of the day and night. Being on the river at the right time when there is invertebrate activity  has brought excellent sport with the grayling, brown and sea trout, sometimes in the middle of a bright day.

There have been some fine specimens of trout and grayling caught of late to both wet and dries.


Below is Chris Bowman’s weekly round-up of fish caught from regular sources, there have also been many more salmon that have not been reported.

The River Eden continues to fish well; over the last couple of weeks there have been several multiple catches at Warwick Hall. On two occasions Tim Bacon caught 3 salmon in a day from the Rushes. Tim’s best was a 12 pounder. Keeper Charlie Alderson had a brace, 5 and 7lb also in the Rushes, Andrew Robertson had a 4 pounder. Andrew Leeman landed a 10 pounder in the Gravel Bed, all fell to Flying C’s. Nick Marriner had a fly caught 14 pounder in Crow Wood and Geoff Baines an 8 pounder in the Battery. Also in the Battery, Ian Blackett had a 17 pounder on a spinner. In the Gravel Bed Colin Hudson had an 8 pounder and Geoff Baines landed an 11, 6 and an 8 pounder all on the fly. Stuart Rose landed a 4 pounder in the Gravel Bed, a 7 in the Nunnery and a 10 pounder in the House Pool. Yorkshire Fly Fishers water has also been productive, two of the better catches fell to Geoff Cowburn who landed 7 salmon to 18lb in two days fishing and Rob Jolly who landed 6 salmon to 14lb in two days fishing.
Heavy rain on the night of the 13th and most of next day has put the river level up for the 14th which should bring more salmon into the Eden for next week when conditions improve for fishing.