River Eden, 8th August 2015.

I had the great pleasure of fishing with Lucy on Friday evening on the lower river and Lazonby Estate on Saturday. The weather was perfect for fishing, dry with a light westerly breeze and mostly overcast. We fished the evening and into dark on the Friday and managed to pick up a couple of small sea trout, with a slight tinge of colour in the water the night fishing was never going to happen in a big way.

4A good result given the conditions and lack of light.

1After a wee bit of tweaking in great surroundings next morning Lucy was casting like a good’un!

2A change of pool and a couple of small trout and a few takes missed at first.

3Then a good trout lost.

5This one stayed on.

6A nice grayling.

7Happy days, thank you Lucy, it is always a joy to teach someone with such enthusiasm!