River Eden, July 26th 2015.

I have had the pleasure of the company of some real nice people this week on the river. Christian from Germany, Mia from Japan, my very good friends Nico and Avril, Ladies Mary, Christine and Patricia, Kevin and Karen from bath and Matt from North Wales.

021Christian and Mia, who for first timers on holiday in Cumbria did an amazing job of the fly casting and fishing, very impressive!

001Nico and Avril with faithful companions Jack and Bim, such wonderful company!

026Kevin Ray who has become a real good friend over the years, a beautiful Spey caster off both shoulders now and if anyone really deserves a fish it is him, hopefully in September Kevin!

021We had some good fun with Mary, Christine and Patricia Spey casting on a very windy day, they all did a fantastic job, great company and I wish them well on the river Spey next month!

mOut on the Eden with Matt this weekend, it was very enjoyable! On the Saturday we were on lower Lazonby fishing for trout and grayling. The weather was very bright and the water clear. It was very noticeable this week just how quiet the surrounding’s  have been, the total lack of any bird song, hatches of inverts and water fowl movement. The fish activity has been on the quiet side too, but there have been windows of opportunity throughout the day.

m1Some fine Spey casting from Matt.

m2A hard day’s fishing Saturday, one small brown trout and a grayling of a pound and a half with a few missed.

m3A different story this Sunday morning though, the fish were on, the birds were singing, a few missed takes, a grayling, a good fish hooked and lost and one hell of a brown trout that erupted on the surface when it took estimated at over five pounds that was on for at least ten minutes before breaking Matt. The fish had taken a size fourteen partridge and red on the dropper, (and kept it!). The weather front then moved in and it all went very quiet once more.

For guaranteed sport at this time of the season you really need to be fishing just before and into dark, there are some good brown trout having a go and the sea trout fishing is great at present!