River Eden June 3rd 2015.

River Eden still producing the goods!

Up until Monday evening’s downpour and the subsequent rise in water levels the river Eden continued to fish well for salmon over the last week. At Warwick Hall last Tuesday Andrew Robertson landed a fly caught 12 pounder in the Gravel Bed. On Wednesday Tim Bacon used a Mepps in Jackies and caught an 8 pounder. On Thursday Brian Gent made the catch of the week in the House Pool landing a 12, two 8’s, a 9 and a 10 pounder, all on a Flying C. The same day Gary Wikinson had a fly caught 9 pounder at the Garden Wall. On Friday Nick Marriner fished the fly in Coops Stream catching a 10 pounder. Saturday saw John Harrison and Darren Hankin catch with the fly in the House Pool; John landing a 10 pounder and Darren an 8. Geoff Baines and Steve Beckett enjoyed sport in the same pool on Sunday; Geoff caught an 8 on a spinner and Steve a 7 on the fly. Nick Marriner fished the Gravel Bed on Monday and caught a 13 pounder on the fly and John Yates landed a fly caught 12 pounder in the House Pool. On the Yorkshire Fly Fishers Water Robert Jolly landed a brace; a 12 pounder in Bridge Stream and a 10 pounder at Spout Beck. Bob Wiley landed an 8lb fish at the Otter Stone and Howard Dickson caught a 14½ pounder at Eden Brows. Meanwhile YYF fishery manager Mike Grimes tempted an 11½ pounder on a dry fly; a riffle hitched Canadian Bomber doing the trick. At Kirkoswald on Thursday Stan Lane landed a 15 pounder on a spinner and on Saturday he fished at Waters Meet and caught a 16 pounder. This ended a memorable 7 days for Stan during which he landed 9 salmon! (Courtesy Chris Bowman)