River Eden, June 26th 2015.

A very slow fishing day compared with yesterday, with much warmer air temperatures and very little in the way of surface or indeed sub-surface activity. There were though a few salmon that kept rolling around in one of the deeper pools this morning and the odd sea trout intent on pushing through the runs. For Jim and Mike unfortunately it was not to be a repeat of the day before, they both worked incessantly hard for a couple of half-hearted plucks and a grayling trying both the single and double handers.

5One of Jim’s sea trout from yesterday, (all returned).

I have to thank them for their very good company and enthusiasm, it is always a pleasure to see and fish with them!

keToday it was Kevin Edwards day, it was a pleasure to net this fish around the nine pound mark for him which was swiftly returned, well done Kevin!

Tomorrow we are going to have some fun at Appleby on the river Eden with a few dozen budding youngsters organised through REDFA and Borderlines.