River Eden May 6th 2015

Heavy rain has put around four feet on the river levels overnight making the Eden out of condition for the time being. May is a fantastic time on the Eden where along with much wildlife to see, anything is possible given the ideal conditions. The hatches of invertebrates the last two weeks have been phenomenal which shows the river is in a healthy state and the brown trout fishing excellent.

sandpiper0_1Sandpipers arrived a couple of weeks past and the swifts two day’s ago.

There have been plenty of salmon entering the river too this spring which is very encouraging for the future stocks, what the autumn will bring in the way of fish numbers we will have to wait and see. The fish seem to be heading upstream at a great rate of knots at present with sea-liced fish taken on the middle river some twenty to thirty miles from the estuary.

Fishpal report Eden


I have had to cancel the next couple of days on the river due to poor weather and fishing conditions, a small price to pay if it gets the salmon moving to the upstream beats and gives me some time to do other things that I neglect when busy. I have had some fun this year with friends who have visited the Eden for casting and fishing, we have had some very good trout but the salmon have eluded us so far compared to last season in the spring where we could not go wrong, that’s fishing sometimes!

littleWater-hen-bloaWaterhen Bloa (good large dark imitation).

A very busy month coming up with much fishing, many friends, working with Borderlines, people I have yet to meet and a week on the river Tay with Illtyd and Bob running a salmon course on Lower Kinnaird, can’t wait!