River Eden April 24th 2015

The river is at summer height, clear water and 12oC with tides now dropping off. The strong light and cool breezes are suppressing the hatches over the last two days.

My good friend Ben from Cheshire who I had not seen for nearly two years, came to the Eden today with his wife Laura who had never fished before and wanted to give it a go.


Ben and Laura.

After a brief on all things necessary and a very healthy kick sample we began the fly casting session. Some people are just natural at getting smooth casting movements and timing, so it was with Laura who picked it up rapidly and we then went fishing. A bit of a strong south westerly breeze and the Circle cast was employed.


Not much to see on the surface today, a GRHE was given a swim through some of the faster broken water.


Which seemed to have the desired effect.


A very happy Laura with her first trout.


The fish came on for a short while and Ben managed a couple of nice fish too.


All to a PTN.


Despite the cool winds, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable day with some real nice people, thank you Ben and Laura!


And not forgetting Tess and George!