River Eden 6th March 2015

Snow melt is keeping the river levels steady the last two days, good clear but cool water at two foot on the lower river and at around one foot on the middle beats. Just the odd large dark olive braving the blustery weather, the kick samples on the river bed are pretty good, it just needs a few more degrees in the right direction to get it going.


On the lower river yesterday with good friend Keith, the water was pushing a bit.


A slight rise of water levels in the early part of the day near the tide time just seemed to suppress everything.


Today being on the middle river was just a great place to be, watching a couple of roe deer, fantastic scenery and solitude.

Keith 005

We were well sheltered within the valley from the gale force winds that were blowing up top. A very enjoyable time on the river, good company and good casting!


We were thinking about giving up fishing next year and doing cormorant and goosander tours instead, just think how much that will bring into the local economy!