AAPGAI instructor training weekend.

Clive Mitchelhill and myself had the great pleasure of hosting a bi-annual AAPGAI instructor training weekend at Lazonby on the river Eden in Cumbria. Malcolm, Nick and Calum joined us for the two days on the water covering all aspects of the provisional salmon and trout syllabus along with teaching methods and improving fly casting techniques. All three were great company with good humour which makes for a very relaxed atmosphere and effective teaching.

005Malcolm, Calum and Nick (reversed baseball caps very much optional!).

All three showed great potential as future instructors, there were some interactive workshops, individual demonstrations by all three, a big improvement in fly casting skills and understanding of how they all work, good craic and plenty of coffee! A very enjoyable weekend, the weather was not as bad as was forecast, a very big thank you for attending, we hope you all enjoyed it and we hope to see you all again in the near future!

The next AAPGAI training weekend will be in November.

Not the best of weather at present, it has been very wet with cool winds that has put the river up a couple of feet with colour. An unsettled period forecast for this week, a couple of cancellations due to that, let us hope for warmer and more settled weather soon to put the fishing back on track.