Water under the bridge.

We have to be as anglers the eternal optimist sometimes, especially after experiencing a salmon season like the one we have just had. It is not just the Eden that unfortunately had a poor autumn run of fish, it was just about everywhere else also. The last few years and especially 2012, the Eden run of spring fish have been improving and yet the apathy is there that so much so we are not seeing as many anglers on the river in the early months to really show the rivers true spring potential as there should be. Is it because that spring fish may not be killed before June 16th, in which case many are fishing for the wrong reason or is it a case of thinking that there are no fish there at all?

Many have elected to just have one trip of a few days away somewhere rather than fish one river the whole season, still with the same result I’m afraid. I think it is always good to fish any river throughout the season to gauge it’s mood, to get to know it and to work things out rather than expecting instant results like we have been used to over the years gone by. If the salmon are slow, fish for something else and enjoy the day out!
Many anglers waiting for the perfect weather conditions and salmon run to develop in 2014 had missed out on some fantastic sea and brown trout fishing during the low water periods this season, a great shame as they get into a negative rut which seems to spread rapidly among the angling fraternity

There are many people at work to try and improve the on-going situation, whether it be problems at sea, predation, poaching, abstraction, acidity, excess nutrient run off, pollution or habitat restoration, this will not be fixed overnight, the stronger we are and the more together we all are on this to be heard in the right places is so vital to it’s success.

On the Eden, REDFA and Eden Rivers Trust  are working hard on the subject, please support them.

Also getting people, especially young people into angling is vital for it’s future – Borderlines

It is far from being a disaster, we have had the wake-up call and it is being dealt with, we have to admire the likes of Ian Gordon on the Spey who has gone to great lengths to “do something about this”
Those young fish from the massive spring run of 2012 are in the river now and will probably leave this coming May to go to sea, let us look very much forward to 2016/7 for that return!