River Eden October 12th 2014

It certainly has been a most unusual autumn for fish and weather behaviour, the trees are still green and only just beginning to turn. The water is now at 50 oF, ten degrees lower than last week and somewhere near where it should be for the time of year, the water conditions are perfect for the fly. A few more fish are entering the river now after the third flood, the majority of salmon are coloured as opposed to the silver fish that should be plentiful at this point in the season.


On the lower river fishing with Kevin Edwards yesterday who picked up a nice hen fish just on high tide time which was quickly returned.


Out on the river with Bert from Germany today, a beautiful day to be in such a place, windless and bright sunshine. We saw the odd fish going through and Bert missed a couple of takes earlier on using small flies until one finally grabbed hold of the monkey fly he changed to and moved it quite quickly.


Again, well on in maturity a small cock fish which was safely returned.