River Eden 20th October 2014.

One or two more rises of water on the last week of the season put the middle river in good ply for running fish, it only seemed to attract a few to run. On the last day October the 14th on the lower river there were a few more caught and quite a number seen further upstream, most fish were in a coloured state. It has been an interesting season, good spring and summer fishing for salmon, trout and notably sea trout, good to see the grayling are back in decent numbers, then the drought hit in May and put the autumn run of salmon behind schedule.


Jeremy and Nick joined me on the river for the last two days of the salmon season.


It was Nick’s first time salmon fishing and he picked the Spey casting up really well.


Jeremy in action. Although the fly casting was good and many flies presented well the fish just did not want to play ball.