River Eden September 11th 2014

Bert Schaaf and friends were over again from Germany fishing the Annan for a week at Hoddam, Bert a very good friend of mine and fellow AAPGAI instructor came over to the lower Eden for the day and fished for brown trout and grayling along with Bernd as the salmon fishing was slow.

A good day, nice weather, good company.


Great fly casting.


A few fish.


All on small weighted nymphs.


Then Bernd latches on to something a little special.


A few good runs.


Almost there.


What a cracker! The sort of wild fish the Eden holds and in the middle of the day, a truly classic fishery even though the salmon are a little on the slow side this season there is always good sport to be had.

There are some massive tides this week that come in at a rate of knots into the lower river, you have to be very careful and watch it like a hawk. Although not many salmon are entering the river of late, the same story everywhere at present, there seems to be a fair amount of sea trout coming, we certainly need some water now to encourage the fish in from the estuary.


From this


To this in a matter of minutes and flowing the other way rapidly.