River Eden September 10th 2014

The river Eden at present is below summer level as this extended summer period continues, clear water with a high pressure system hanging around is not always conducive to great fishing. There are the odd days when fish are hard to come by in those conditions and especially when the wind takes an easterly direction with the high pressure circulation,  if that happens, wait a little and the wind will change direction again, it is like flicking a light switch some times.

Such was one of those times when William Redhead came to the Eden at Lazonby for a visit with me for a couple of days. The first day was really slow, bright sunlight and the air temperature was low with the wind chill effect, there was very little if any bird song on that day which tells a story.


There were a few smaller fish showing the odd bit of interest on the surface, but nothing substantial could be tempted.


William both cast and fished well, the water was perfect.


There were some great views of various things happening, never a waste of a day by any stretch of the imagination.


The next day the scenario was a carbon copy of the day before apart from the notable presence of bird song which is always a great confidence booster as there is something right with the conditions.


William was off the mark almost immediately.


A few nice grayling on Spider patterns came with a regular pace.


A change to a little heavier nymph on the point and fishing deeper water in the strong light got a different result.


A couple of good brown trout followed and William got broke on one bigger fish we never saw. A truly good day out on the water William, it just goes to show you can never predict what will happen until you get out there regardless of the conditions at the time, fishing in the middle of the day in low water and bright sunlight, madness!