River Eden 5th August 2014

A two foot steady lift of water levels not putting too much colour into the Eden from rainfall on the 3rd of the month has shifted the salmon and sea trout from the lower beats up river which should improve the middle river fishing. Any new fish coming in now from the estuary should continue upstream and not fall back as they have been doing for a few weeks with the low water throughout July. There were a few fish caught on the lower river just prior to the rise in levels and a few lost to all methods.

The trout fishing remains good and now there are hatches during the middle part of the day as opposed to early and late, temperatures are cooling down at last. More rain forecast for the next few days and very unsettled weather patterns to come.


Water at long last!

It is Lowther Show this weekend, come along to the Fishing Island and get involved in some of the events and fly casting tuition there with several AAPGAI instructors, watch some of the demonstrations and have a friendly chat. There will be plenty of stalls of interest and information for all ages and fly casting competitions with prizes kindly donated by John Norris of Penrith. The river Eden catchment and Cumbria is well represented by various angling clubs, associations, fisheries, trust, retail and much more. Pop in to the Borderlines stall and have a chat with Chris about what they do and the work they do, there is also entertainment for the young ones.

Lowther Show