River Eden 26th August 2014

It has gone a little quiet the last few days on the river after the good flush of fish we have had. The east winds have got up slowing sport down, the Eden is a little above summer level with a peat tint on the lower stretches. There have been a few salmon caught of late, some that have been in the river for a few weeks and others with sea lice. It would seem that we are in between the summer and autumn run of fish right now and the next rise of water should hopefully bring them in. There have been some notable salmon caught recently when conditions were favourable, it will be interesting to see how the autumn run develops soon.

The trout and grayling fishing is ticking over with some good surface activity to be had throughout the day in the more sheltered pools out of the stiff breeze. The well fed and portly goosanders and cormorants are having a ball!


The main of the sea trout have now moved on from the lower river after the last rise of water, this year was particularly good for those out on the night-time low water period. The trees are definitely on the turn and the air is getting more autumnal,  the river is in great shape and the prospects encouraging.