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31 10, 2014

River Eden October 30th 2014

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Wigton Youth Station grayling day out at Warwick Hall. october-30th-2014

20 10, 2014

River Eden 20th October 2014.

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One or two more rises of water on the last week of the season put the middle river in good ply for running fish, it only seemed to attract a few to run. On the last day October the 14th on the lower river there were a few more […]

12 10, 2014

River Eden October 12th 2014

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It certainly has been a most unusual autumn for fish and weather behaviour, the trees are still green and only just beginning to turn. The water is now at 50 oF, ten degrees lower than last week and somewhere near where it should be for the time of year, […]

7 10, 2014

River Eden October 7th 2014

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Heavy rain on the 3rd gave the river a much needed three foot rise making the 4th unfishable. By the 5th the middle river was dropping in nicely and in good ply for the fly while the lower remained coloured. The 6th saw the whole river in good shape […]