River Eden 16th September 2014

Spent some quality time fishing with my very good friend David Richens this week on the lower and middle Eden. The same scenario persist that there has been no rain for weeks and so no water for the salmon to run, so it was trout and grayling fishing for us.


We had a great first day on the lower river as the sky was overcast for the most part, the fish seemed happy.


Quite a few nice grayling came steady throughout the day and the odd sea trout.


An airborne sea trout.


On the middle river conditions were much brighter than the day before, warmer and the water crystal clear.


The fish were just not playing ball today, a couple of small ones to the dry fly earlier in the morning, but very quiet all round, although as a conciliation the scenery was perfect.


Nice casting and being out in beautiful surroundings, how bad can a slow day’s fishing on a river be? Thank you David for your wonderful company and humour!